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Richard Childress Racing Crew Member Profile: Josh Sisco

Q: How did you get involved in the racing industry?
“My dad (Buddy Sisco) started working in the racing industry when he was in his 20s and started working in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series in 1994. In 1998, I was getting to the age where I could help out when I got done with school and have been working in racing ever since.”

Q: What was your first paying job in the racing business?
“My first paying job in NASCAR was at Germain/Arnold Racing.”

Q: You began your racing career at Germain/Arnold Racing. What other steps did you take that led you to a position at Richard Childress Racing?
After working at Germain/Arnold Racing I made the move to Carl Haas Motorsports in 2007 to work on the No. 14 NASCAR Nationwide Series car as an interior and front end mechanic. I also had my first over-the-wall job at CHM. I was the catch-can man. After that, I moved around with some smaller teams and in 2010, I took a position at Richard Childress Racing. I now work in the fabrication area of the Truck Series shop, am on the road crew for the No. 62 team and also change front tires.

Q: You have a lovely wife and two young daughters. How did you meet your wife?
“She was cousins with the engineer on the No. 14 car when I worked at Carl Haas Motorsports. When she decided to move to North Carolina from Michigan, he said he wanted his cousin to meet a nice guy. I thought, I could be that guy and that’s how we met.”

Q: You’re an avid hunter. Where is your favorite hunting spot and what are you usually on the hunt for?
I really enjoy hunting for whitetails in Oklahoma. The biggest deer I ever shot I got while hunting in Oklahoma.”

Q: You’re known on the team for being filled with useless trivia. What’s your favorite nugget of random information?
“Did you know the earth is almost 93 million miles away from the sun?”

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