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Crew Member Spotlight - Kris "Peanut Butter" McCabe

So, how does one go from delivering pizza to victory lane at Indianapolis Motor Speedway? Ask the shock specialist on the No. 27 Menards Chevrolet SS team, Kris McCabe.

McCabe, 28, was born in Brick Township, N.J., but grew up in nearby Forked River.

“I was working at the pizza place while I was in high school at age 17,” McCabe recalls. “One day, this huge NASCAR fan came in and he knew I liked racing, too. He told me there was this Busch East team in Mayetta (N.J.) and his brother-in-law worked there and I should go check it out.

“So, I went there and told them I wanted to work on the team. They asked me if I was willing to sweep floors and I said, ‘Sure, no problem’ and that’s how I got started in racing.”

That race team just happened to be Truex Motorsports with driver Martin Truex, Jr.

“Later that year, Martin, Jr. got called to become the driver for Chance 2 Motorsports in the NASCAR Nationwide Series,” McCabe said. “I was still in high school and they said to give them a call before I graduated.

“So, two months later I was graduated and moving to North Carolina with two pick-up trucks carrying all my stuff. I was working full time in the NASCAR ranks with Paul Menard in the then-called Busch Series at Dale Earnhardt, Inc. in 2007.”

How did you become a shock specialist in the sport?

“Well, when I was with DEI they needed someone to do shocks and I had been around a few months. So, the guy who was doing it taught me all he could before he left. And, I’ve been doing it ever since.”

How did you get the nickname of Peanut Butter?
“I become friends with a guy nicknamed Elvis at DEI. We were always seen together working and hanging out. We were the two youngest guys in the shop and they used to say we were like peanut butter and jelly because we were always seen together. Matter of fact, he married my sister and now we’re family.”

Best moment in racing, so far?

“That’s an easy one; winning the 2011 Brickyard 400 and going to victory lane at Indy with Paul.”

Toughest part about your job?
“My wife, Allison, and I have a two-year old girl named Maryn. It’s tough to be away from them especially when Maryn calls and wants to talk about everything and keeps asking when I’m going to come home. I give a lot of credit to Allison for keeping things going around the house.”

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