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Crew Member Spotlight - Andy Pugh

Andy Pugh, shock specialist on the No. 3 Nationwide Series team, is in his second season with Richard Childress Racing. In his first season last year, Pugh helped guide the No. 3 team to a NASCAR Nationwide Series championship with driver Austin Dillon; which is Pugh’s only career championship in a national NASCAR series. The 28-year-old, Geneva, Ala. native previously was the car chief for the No. 17 Camping World Truck Series team of Red Horse Racing, and a shocks/tire specialist on the No. 71 Sprint Cup Series team for current RCR crew chief, Slugger Labbe.

Pugh hails from the dirt tracks in southern Alabama working on late models with his father. He currently resides in Statesville, N.C. where he still enjoys watching dirt track action and racing Remote Control cars with his friends in the sport.

What was it like when you made the move to RCR?
“I’d say, first off, it was one of the best decisions of my life. I made the move about five races into the year, which is difficult because you’re commitment level to a team is always very high. I struggled with it a little bit and it took me a little while to get adjusted, but I’m so glad I did. I was very thankful for the opportunity. I wanted to make the move, and even take a different position, just to be with Danny (Stockman).”


What’s it like working on a championship-winning team?
“I’ve known Danny for a really long time, we’ve always been friends. I know he’s a racer – all of these guys on this team are racers and committed to this team. That’s who I wanted to be with, a group of racers.”

What’s your favorite memory in racing?
“Probably winning the championship last season, that’s the biggest thing I’ve ever been a part of in racing. It’s the only championship team I’ve earned. We came really close a couple of times in the Camping World Truck Series.”

What’s it like having a different driver this year?
“They’re definitely different, that’s for sure. Both Ty and Austin are really good kids. Austin is very outgoing in person and a methodical racer; very strategic. Ty is a very calm person and is wide open on the race track. It’s cool to work with drivers that have different styles.”

How long have you been racing RC cars?
“Probably for about 10 years. We race dirt ovals, we travel around Pennsylvania and race in tournaments on our off-weekends. I love it.”

What do people say when you tell them you’re from Alabama?
“Well they sort of give you the ‘Forest Gump’ reaction, and all that. But where I’m from in the southern part of the state around Mobile and Pensacola, that’s some of the most competitive late model dirt car racing in the country. I’m fortunate to have grown up in that area because the racing is so competitive. It absolutely helped me get to where I am today.”



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