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From The Pit Box with No. 2 Crew Chief Phil Gould

Phil Gould enters the 2014 season as a sophomore crew chief for Brian Scott and the No. 2 Shore Lodge Chevrolet Camaro team. An 11-year veteran of Richard Childress Racing, Gould has worked his way up through the ranks from mechanic to car chief in both the NASCAR Nationwide Series and NASCAR Sprint Cup Series to his current position. Crew Chief.
We sat down with Gould to discuss what it takes to be successful at Bristol Motor Speedway:
Q: How do you set up the No. 2 Shore Lodge Chevrolet Camaro for Bristol Motor Speedway?  
A: Bristol is an animal all by itself, and car set up for here is a lot different than any other place we go. We usually work hard to get the car secure on entry, but not be too tight from the center and off.
Q: How does the track change during the race?
A: The track generally loses grip as rubber gets laid down. Since the resurfacing of the track a few years ago, the groove will move right up to the very top of the track.
Q: How is the setup different for the spring race than the fall race (under the lights)?
A: Going from night racing to the daytime at Bristol is not as big of a deal. Temperature is our issue. Usually the temperature for the day race is much cooler being in early spring and it’s much hotter in the summer for the night race. With the cooler temperature, there is more grip in the track and that will usually make the car have a tighter balance.
Q: What are the keys to success at Bristol Motor Speedway?
A: Track position is the number one key to success at Bristol because it's extremely hard to pass. Getting your car to run on the bottom lane is a big key. Also, everybody will run right up against the wall in the race. If you can get your car where you can turn down underneath people and stay in the throttle up off the corner, you'll be able to move forward.
Q: What’s your favorite race memory at Bristol Motor Speedway?
A: I've been lucky enough to be on winning teams in the Nationwide series at Bristol twice; in the spring of 2003 with Kevin Harvick and in the spring of 2012 with Elliott Sadler. 


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