RCR and Dow Have Established a Unique Relationship

JANUARY 31, 2015

At the intersection of sport and science, Dow and RCR are working together to make better race cars.

In an effort to run faster than their competitors, RCR and Dow have established a unique relationship That goes beyond sponsorship…the Dow diamond is not only on the car, Dow innovation runs throughout our cars. Together, both teams embrace the power of safety, science and technology as RCR tests Dow products under the most strenuous conditions.

This weekend Dow’s Associate Director of Research and Development, Dan Woodman, and RCR’s Head of NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Vehicle Development, Brandon Thomas, joined Mike and Angie Skinner on SiriusXM NASCAR’s “Skinner Roundup”. The duo discussed how Dow and RCR are working together to improve each business, extending their partnership in ways that stretch beyond traditional NASCAR sponsorships.

Dow has been innovating in NASCAR for years: they created the protective sidewall foaming that is in every car across all three of NASCAR’s national series. Through its partnership with RCR, Dow technologies have helped improve the rear-end lubricant used on RCR’s NASCAR entries. Woodman explained how Dow utilizes NASCAR as an avenue to test new materials.

“They’re a very high-end engineering group that can bring some value and make changes,” Woodman said.

RCR’s Brandon Thomas shared his role of Vehicle Development Director, and how he works with the competition and engineering teams at Richard Childress Racing.

Woodman shared how Dow has utilized their research, innovation and safety in NASCAR:

With the 2015 NASCAR season set to begin in a few weeks at Daytona International Speedway, Woodman explained Dow’s focus for the season.

The 2015 season kicks into full gear February 14th with the Sprint Unlimited and Speedweeks at Daytona International Speedway.