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Ryan Newman Pranks Jeff Gordon Before Final Cup Start

Before four-time NASCAR Sprint Cup champion Jeff Gordon made what should be the final start of his career at Martinsville Speedway this weekend, fellow Chevrolet driver Ryan Newman had a little fun with him in the garage.

Visiting NASCAR fans at the Chevrolet Stage in the Martinsville midway on Sunday morning, the two Chevy drivers shared the story of Newman’s prank.

At the end of final practice at the half-mile track, Newman walked over to Gordon’s car, stuck his head in the window, yelled at him and tapped him on the helmet. With no idea what was going on, Gordon was caught off guard by Newman’s frustration.

Newman smiled and told Gordon with a laugh, “Man, I don’t know if I’ll ever get the chance to do that again. I just wanted to say it.”

Realizing the Richard Childress Racing driver was just messing with him, Gordon laughed it off after trying to figure out what he had done to upset Newman.

Racing in the Sprint Cup Series together since 2000, Newman and Gordon have shared a few moments on the track. Entering the sport as a young gun on a part-time basis in 2000 and 2001, Newman had to earn his respect from veterans like Gordon, just as he did from Dale Earnhardt Sr. That respect was ultimately gained and the two have raced hard, but clean against one another ever since.

With Gordon’s career now coming to a close, Newman could not help himself from having a little fun and giving him a hard time one last time.

Take a look at their conversation from this weekend at the Chevrolet appearance below: