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Brandon Jones Challenges Nexteer Automotive Interns to Go-Kart Race

It was a race of a different kind for Brandon Jones, as he recently took part in Nexteer Automotive’s seventh annual EPS Driven event.

Each year, more than 100 Nexteer interns and co-ops work in teams to build electric power-steering go-karts out scrap metal found around the company’s production facilities. All the teams were provided with from the start was a power steering motor, car battery and a $300 budget. The goal of Nexteer’s internship program is to foster innovation and creativity while using products engineered and designed in house.

“These guys are pretty creative with their go-kart designs,” Jones said. “You can tell a lot of time and effort were put into making these go-karts. There was some stiff competition.”

Jones, who waved the green flag and handed out trophies last year, got in on the racing action this time around and enlisted members of the RCR pit crew to help build his own go-kart to race against the top-three intern teams on Nexteer’s test track in a one-lap shootout.

Jones would finish third in the one-lap shootout after shattering a gear in one of the turns, but the driver of the No. 33 Nexteer Chevrolet gave props to every intern that built a cart for the event.