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Jones Helmet

The Art of Design: Brandon Jones’ Bandit Helmet

Each driver in NASCAR has their own process of creating designs for their helmets. Most have a specific artist they work with throughout their career who takes the driver’s ideas and expands them into a full design for each helmet.

For Brandon Jones, his collaboration with Ryan Young of Indocil Art has been an easy one and led to unique designs.

“For helmet designs, I normally give a baseline kind of idea or guidelines of what I’m thinking about to Ryan at Indocil Art as a starting point,” said Jones. “He’ll send me a rendering first of how he incorporated my idea into the design before anything is actually done on the helmet. I’ll normally print it out and look at it and see what we’ve got. I typically love with what Ryan comes up with. He does a great job.”

Jones’ latest helmet design incorporates the 20-year-old driver’s appreciation for the military with “The Bandit,” a skull cowboy designed by the RCR Graphics shop that has become a sort of mascot for the No. 33 XFINITY Series team.

“At the start of the year, I wanted to get a helmet made that looked like the ones in ‘American Sniper,’ like it had gone through a couple battles and was scuffed up,” said Jones. “So, originally it had Chris Kyle’s Punisher logo on it that he and his unit sprayed on their chest plates and Humvees while overseas. Then the RCR Graphics Shop came up with The Bandit at the start of the year as our own version of the Punisher. It was really cool to see what they had come up with and I wanted to tie that into the helmet too. It turned out really well. It has a western, outlaw feel to it.”Jones Helmet

Jones’ Bandit helmet also features the logo for the non-profit organization Hope For The Warriors. Since its inception in 2006, Hope For The Warriors has served approximately 10,000 veterans, service members and military families through a variety of support programs focused on transition, health and wellness, peer engagement and connections to community resources. Jones partners frequently with the organization both at and away from the racetrack.

“Partnering with Hope for the Warriors has given me a more inside and in-depth look at the military,” said Jones. “It has given me the opportunity to do some really unique things like go shoot and train with service members at the US Marine Corps base in Quantico (Virginia). Other people may never have the chance to do that type of stuff. It’s really rewarding to work so closely with military service members and veterans all across the nation through Hope For The Warriors. It’s important to me to be able to help and support the military where I can.”


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