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Austin Dillon Pumped About New Pit Strategy, No. 3 Team’s Evolution

By Brad Norman |

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Austin Dillon called next year’s pit road over-the-wall strategy a game-changer, and he wants to be a catalyst for that change at Richard Childress Racing.

NASCAR announced in November a series of roster standardizations, including decreasing the number of over-the-wall pit crew members from six to five. Additionally, the gas man will only be allowed to refuel, meaning teams must get creative to service the vehicle.

For routine four-tire stops starting next season, teams could forgo one tire carrier and devise a new framework for servicing their vehicles.

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Dillon, who drives the No. 3 Chevrolet, swung by the shop in the offseason and got a glimpse of his team’s strategy for next year.

It’s definitely changing the game,” Dillon said. “You’re really going to see four key guys in the crew working together as one, and they’re going to have to be athletic. It is a different game. There’ll be different styles you have to master early on, but it’ll be fun to watch. I think the teams that make the least amount of mistakes are going to thrive on this.

“I am super excited about this. I think it’s going to build teams that fans are excited to watch.”

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Dillon is excited, too — about 2018 as a whole. He’s on record as saying a spot in the Championship 4 is his goal for the No. 3 team, and part of that journey is continuing to strengthen the bond with his pit crew.

“They’re going to have to be in great shape, and I want to keep them in the best shape as I can and create that team bond with them and make sure we’re all on the same playing ground,” Dillon said.