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NASCAR’s Off Season Provides Chance to Enjoy The Great Outdoors

Although it’s only a short two months, the “off season” in NASCAR provides drivers, crew members and their families a much-needed chance to rejuvenate, both mentally and physically. For Austin Dillon, that time is best spent with his growing family and cultivating his life-long passion for enjoying the outdoors.

Dillon and his wife, Whitney, welcomed their son, Ace, into the world in June, making this off season a fun and exciting time for the Childress/Dillon family.

The Dillons have been enjoying the Holiday season with their family, partaking in traditions such as putting up a Christmas tree. They recently visited Bass Pro Shops in Concord, North Carolina for a socially-distanced visit with Santa.

“We’ve been blessed since Ace has come into our lives,” said Dillon. “It’s been fun to take Ace to visit Santa and enjoy spending time with him and watching him grow.”

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In addition, to spending time with his family, Dillon has been spending a lot of time outdoors recently. He credits the outdoors as a place of tranquility where he can always go to rejuvenate himself and clear his mind. Dillon has always been a huge advocate of the outdoors, some of his fondest childhood memories include fishing, hunting, and playing outside with his friends, family, and most notably his grandfather, Richard Childress.


With COVID-19 restrictions in place for most of this year, Dillon has taken full advantage of getting outdoors.

“I’ve always considered myself to be an outdoors enthusiast,” said Dillon. “With all that has occurred this year with the COVID-19 pandemic, the outdoors has meant more to me now than it ever has. Whether I’m fishing, hunting, or simply just spending quality time with my family on a walk, I’m able to recharge my mind and shred some of the stress that comes with competing in NASCAR. It’s really special to be partnered up with like-minded people like Johnny Morris and a company like Bass Pro Shops that share the same passion for the outdoors as me.”

“My grandfather and I have already gone out together several times this year, and I’ve also been enjoying activities like skeet shooting,” continued Dillon. “I’m sure I get my passion for the outdoors from him.”

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