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Rooted in Sustainability

Tyler Reddick and the No. 8 3CHI team have been thinking a lot about dirt recently. They’re preparing to hit the track at Bristol Motor Speedway for the annual NASCAR Cup Series Dirt Race this weekend, starting Friday night with practice. It’s all about the dirt, and anytime we’re talking about ‘dirt,’ the sustainability of our earth and environment is a key topic.

Richard Childress Racing is committed to many green initiatives, and April is also Sustainability Month. So pull up a chair while we share a little zen with our sponsor, 3CHI.

Sustainability is something that comes naturally with 3CHI, one of our partners on the No. 8 Chevrolet. The 3CHI brand is inspired by the idea of balance – Body, Mind & Spirit.  And being a hemp-based natural products brand, we took a closer look at how 3CHI is associated with sustainability.

3CHI customers are fanatical about the company’s hemp-based products. Many know how natural hemp is viewed as somewhat of a miracle plant – not only for the amazing THC and CBD products that can be derived from hemp, but also how hemp is good for the environment. It is one of the strongest examples of sustainability for many reasons, one being that it’s considered nature’s “purifier.”  Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is quickly captured by the hemp plant, and in turn cleans the air we breathe each and every day. In fact, hemp is able to clean the air in a faster, yet more effective way than trees do.

As one of the fastest growing plants on earth, hemp also supports sustainable farming practice and can help prevent soil compaction and erosion. It naturally reduces pests and returns approximately 60 to 70 percent of the nutrients it takes from the soil. It also helps restore soil fertility and can produce biodegradable plastics.

When 3CHI is featured on the No. 8 Chevrolet this weekend, know that they are a leader within the hemp products industry and a pioneer in science-based hemp and cannabis innovation.

“We want race fans to know hemp is an amazing resource that can be used in more ways than we may be aware of. And we’re committed to the science of finding potential therapeutic benefits in hemp compounds. We love partnering with Richard Childress Racing so we can tell our story about how our products are derived from such a beneficial and environmentally-friendly resource,” says 3CHI CEO Justin Journay.

For more information about 3CHI and its products, please visit www.3CHI.com.