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Avalan’s Partnership With RCR Focuses on Entrepreneur-Minded Clients

From an interest in cars, to promoting his business on a race car, to entertaining his clients at the racetrack, Rich Schuette is helping entrepreneurs all over build their empires with Avalan. For over a decade, Avalan has put their clients first to better serve each entrepreneur-minded client. Just as in racing, everything Avalan does depends on the team. What better way to market one’s company than with Richard Childress Racing, who shares the same teamwork mentality.

Avalan began their journey with RCR in 2020, but the road to this relationship goes as far back as 2010 – before Avalan was even officially founded. Schuette formed a friendship with RCR president Torrey Galida over their mutual interest of sports cars, laying the groundwork for a future partnership. A year later, Avalan was founded by Schuette with the goal of building a financial wealth management company based on everything the industry was not. Drawing on his more than 15 years of experience in the industry, Schuette knew that the key to success involved starting with the client first. Just as RCR starts with a driver and a talented team of professionals behind him, Schuette understood that the key to wealth management is in people and relationships.

Avalan’s firm of advisors have expertise in guiding successful entrepreneurs throughout the business lifecycle from growth, to exit, to deploying proceeds and creating generational wealth.  Avalan only accepts clients where value is being added and where a long-term relationship can flourish.

The path that brought this boutique firm to RCR is not a traditional one, but one that has paved the way to success by serving both Avalan and RCR. After building a friendship for nearly a decade, Schuette placed his trust into Galida’s hands and formed a partnership with RCR to mark the firm’s first foray into marketing. Partnering with a legendary NASCAR Team like RCR and seeing the Avalan logo on the track adds credibility to the company, says Schuette.  He describes the feeling he gets from seeing his logo on the track, on a diecast, or on a race car, as a sense of pride for the company.

Avalan is a unique solution for entrepreneurs interested in working with a firm who has a teamwork mindset. As in racing, it is not what is good for one person, but the team. Please visit avalanwealth.com to learn more about Avalan and how they can help build a vision for financial success.

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