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Huk Features 2022 Car Racing Series Shirts

CHARLESTON, N.C.— Everything happens in threes, and what’s more fitting than three different Huk paint schemes, in three different cities for the No. 3 car. Darlington, Richmond, and Homestead-Miami were significant for RCR sponsor, Huk, due to the time and effort put into creating each of the rides that we saw on tracks during the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series Season. Marolina Outdoor Vice President of Marketing, Chris Russell, gave the inside scoop on the thought process behind each one.

“Wherever we go, we try to design the car to fit the city, time of year, as well as just the vibe of town we’re going to, so that’s how we ended up with all three designs,” said Russell

For Darlington, the goal was to have a more retro feel, which is exactly what Huk achieved. “The first car was for a throwback race, so we did a retro style with a stripe down the hood, like an old school SS Camaro, but we incorporated one of our clothing patterns into that,” said Russell. The blue and white scheme featured Huk’s logo stamped across the body and was accompanied by fish scales on the side panels.

It was important to make sure the two rides to follow stood out in their own way. “We wanted a new look for all three, so because we have different patterns, and different seasons of the year, and different apparel  that we roll out, we wanted a design that reflected every race we were a part of,” said Russell.

After Darlington’s retro look, came Richmond’s freshwater look. Keeping with the freshwater aspect in mind, it was an easy choice to settle on a largemouth bass on the car.  The pattern that accompanied this matte finished car is known as Huk’s “Edisto” pattern. “It had a lot of greens and blacks, so a largemouth bass felt like it would fit perfectly, so we nicknamed that one the ‘BASSCAR’,” said Russell. BASSCAR has a catchy ring to it, so the one to follow suit at Homestead-Miami had to be a showstopper.

“When this car rolled out of the garage going from in the shade to the daylight and it just came to life, it was so exciting,” said Russell when describing his reaction to the first time seeing the Huk Miami car in-person.

The slick black car had its own special twist of Miami incorporated into it. “Coming to Florida, we have a perfect pattern called Palm Slam. When we looked at the Homesteads race way, logo it has palm trees in it, plus  colors like neon blues and the pinks, so we took our Palm Slam pattern, applied it to the car and then highlighted the fish  in bright neon blue and neon pink, it was a great fit for the track and earned the name Miami Nights” said Russell.

After breaking down all three of the No.3 Huk car schemes, it was impossible for Russell to choose just one favorite. “They’re each my favorite at their moment,” said Russell. Luckily, Huk is offering these three paint schemes on individual tee shirts for a limited time by going to their website, hukgear.com. Why choose one, when you can choose all? As a special incentive if you buy all three shirts you receive a collector’s edition 3 pack of koozies with the same exclusive designs. As Russell said to us, “I’ve got to pick them all or none”.